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(Be sure to check out our video's on our video page and on our Youtube page FabcoRC)

The Fabco Gang at the park ready to shred some foam!

Fabco Combat Predators and Cutlass' ready to combat.

Steve with his Fabco Combat Cutlass and Bearcat Mini Racer.

Denny and his Fabco Combat Cutlass and Bearcat Mini Racer.

John Withhis Fabco Combat Cutlass.

Jack with his Fabco Combat Cutlass (Bird of Prey) and Tom's Fabco Predator.

Lyman with his Fabco Combat Cutlass.

Tom (Fabco) and his Combat Predator.

Pylon Racing at our local Park with some Mini Racers! 

Some of the Guys with their Fabco Mini Racers and Mini War Birds at the local park. (Joel, Lyman, Tom, Russ, Steve, John, & Dennis)

Same Thing, Different Day!!! Life is Good!  (Jack, Denny, Doug, Russ, Joel, Tom, John, & Randy)

Some of the toys at the local Park. Most of them Fabco planes, but Russ has started converting his old U-Control type combat planes over to electric park flyers. 

The Dreaded Fabco "Kom Batt" ... When it comes out - it is out for blood and usually kills something!!

Denny and his Fabco Bearcat.

Steve and his Fabco P51D long wing.

Tom and the Fabco Mini Racer P51 R (Racer) that Randy painted in Dage Red colors.

Joel and his P51 Racer in Vodoo colors.

Lyman and his Fabco Bearcat wearing Classic Gold and White Rare Bear colors

John and his Fabco P51 D long wing.

Some of the Fabco Fleet out for a day at El Mirage Dry Lake.

The latest two models transitioning from prototype to production kits... The T6 and the P40. Both fly outstanding!

The latest prototype off the CNC Router... an F23. It fly's great and I'm sure it will make it to production. One key thing to note here is that it utilizes all the same electronics the other Mini Racers and mini War Birds do...

 More Pylon Racing at the Park.

Coming around the corner...

Bearcat at the top of a loop. It likes to fly upside down just as much as right side up!

Bearcat hot lapping on the course.

Pulling hard through the turn!

P51 Racer working the course.

Tony going low!!!

Fabco At the Western E Fly Meet June 5, 6, & 7 2009  Had a Great Time and Made a lot of new Friends!

Lots of people stopped by checking out our "Stuff".

Randy and his P51.

Marie and the P51 Racer

Tony showing the bottom side of the P51 R (racer) and the P51 D (30" w/s)


Too much FUN !!!!



Russ' new toy! Out for its maiden flight! Great job Russ !

Joel and his P51D long wing out for another day of fun!  (Nice Fabco sticker !!!)

John and his Bearcat. Nice Job John !!

Joel flying his Mini Air Racer P51D Long Wing - Taking off for another sortie!

Too much Fun!!!

Just another Day at the Park!!!  (Russ, Tom, Joel & John)


Tom and Randy.

Hmmmmm!!! (How'd that get there ??!!!)

Hey Doug, Can you carry a couple more?


Frank and his Bearcat.

They're growing like WEEDS !!!! 13 Mini Racers at the local park ready to tear up the sky!  (7-2-09)


Randy (Picaso) Mytar with his P51. Randy does most of the custom painting for Fabco.

Joel and his new Bearcat

Geoff with his Bearcat.

This is Michael A. - one of our youngest Fabco Mini Racer owner / Pilots!

John with his P51.

Randy with "Smokey Da Bear" !