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Our family has been in the modelling (RC) hobby for well over 30 years. We are literally Modellers making Models for other Modellers! My Dad, Jack, was a leader in the industry cutting foam wings for Stafford Models. He designed, created and patented several methods and tools for cutting foam wings and although foam wings are not our current focus, we didn't fall too far from the tree!

We are using state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to design and produce our Depron and EPP foam planes on state of the art CNC Routers. We also use CAD / CAM to design and manufacture all of our vinyl graphics for our kits as well.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction are paramount here at Fabco so let us know if we're hitting the target...    or not.

Additionally, if we can be of any assistance, please contact us at: fabco_mfg@yahoo.com 

Phone # (661) 269-1741 or (661) 208-0161


Tom & Marie Fabbri