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We created EPP Full Contact Combat Planes that not only fly well but can take an amazing amount of abuse and keep on flying. These planes were designed to fly fast enough to perform well, but also fly slow enough that they can collide with each other, bounce off of each other and continue flying. Being able to hit each other and continue flying brings a whole new level to combat flying and it can all be done at your local park. Streamers or no streamers, lining up on  your buddy for a kill - then smacking him in the air brings a whole new meaning to Combat!! These planes are made from EPP sheet with carbon fiber reinforcement similar to our depron planes. They are designed for the same micro / mini electronic gear used in our Mini Racers, Warbirds & Jets and can be flown virtually anywhere. You can fly them in your front yard, your flying field, out at the park, your local baseball - soccer or football field, in a large gymnasium or warehouse or practically any parking lot! These are great for club events or call up a couple of your buddies and go have your own Mini War.


Wing Span -------------------------------------------> 28 inches

Length --------------------------------------------------> 20 inches

Weight --------------------------------------------------> 8 - 10 ounces

Motor ----------------------------------------------------> A2204 / 2205 Type Motors

Battery --------------------------------------------------> 3S Lipo 610 - 1000 Mah

ESC ------------------------------------------------------> 10 AMP

EPP Combat Predator                                  W/S   28",                                                      All Up Wt. 8.5oz.                                               Motor A2204                                                     (2) HS-55 8 g servos                                       Battery 3S/ 610 Mah                                          10 AMP ESC                                                     It doesn't get any better than this for Contact Combat!! (This is the High Performance Hot Rod) 

EPP Combat Cutlass W/S  28",                                                                                                               All Up Wt. 8.5 oz.                                              Motor A2204                                                     (2) HS-55 8 g servos                                       Battery 3S/610 Mah                                           10 AMP  ESC                                                New to flying or Combat? This is the plane for you. (Not as sensitive / beginner plane)

Depron Kom Batt Combat Plane                        W/S 25.5"                                                       All Up Wt. 4.5 oz.                                             Motor A2204                                                    (2) HS-55 servos                                               Battery 2S/610 mah                                           10 AMP ESC                                              Takes off vertically right out of your hand!  This model was specifically designed for RC Park Combat with streamers. It performs Great!!

Please contact us directly for the Predators and Cutlass' - we will try to add them to the store as soon as possible but in the mean time give us a call at (661) 208-0161. (Ask about our discounts for buk buys.)