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Welcome to Fabco, Home of the Mini Air Racers , Mini War Birds, Mini Jets, Park Flyers and now EPP Contact Combat Planes!

THEY'RE HERE !!!!     "Fabco EPP Contact Combat Planes" (Specifically designed for "Contact" Combat!!!)

Fabco EPP Combat Predator - designed specifically for contact combat.

EPP Combat Predator ready for combat!!!  Leader and streamer attached to left fin. Even when the streamers get cut the fun just gets better when you go for foam - and bounce off your buddy!!!

Some Fabco EPP Combat Predators and Cutlass' at the park ready to combat.

Let the Games Begin! The more in the air, the better it is!!! 

Here is one of the production Fabco EPP Combat Cutlass', This is Jack's Bird of Prey.

And Don't forgrt the Mini Air Racers! They are the perfect any where / any time planes!!!

Fabco Bearcat Mini Air Racer at El Mirage Dry Lake... Awesome!

The Fabco Air Force At El Mirage Dry LakeThe Fabco Fleet at El Mirage... Bearcats, P51's, P40's, Spitfires, T6's, F15's, F23's, F69's, F99's, Tigetcats and Kom Batts!!

     We have scaled down the exciting Unlimited Class RENO Air Racers to something everybody can afford and control -Mini Air Racers and Mini War Birds! Perfect for club racing or to just throw in your RV or car trunk for that front yard, park or parking lot flying break. (For more information  on the Mini Air Racers or Mini War Birds, click on the category to the left).

Our Mini Air Racers and Mini War Birds are flat profile Depron foam planes resembling their full scale counter parts that race in the world famous RENO Air Races. They are designed for micro / mini electronic gear and can be flown virtually anywhere. You can fly them in your front yard, your flying field, out at the park, your local baseball - soccer or football field, in a large gymnasium or warehouse or practically any parking lot! These are great for club events or call up a couple of your buddies and go have your own pylon races. (We sell the pylons too)

Need a small plane to put in your trunk for lunch time flying, or to keep in your RV for that vacation "Flyin' Fix"? Then these are the planes for you.

Small, fun, easy to control, not too fast - not too slow and inexpensive with the durability of Depron foam and a carbon spar. Quick and easy to build and a blast to fly!

Put them on low rates for pylon racing (they fly like a trainer) or go for serious aerobatics with high rates. Either way, the Mini Air Racers, Mini War Birds and Mini Jets are for you!

Pylon Racing at the Local Park!!!

Come on in and take a look at what we have to offer!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at :


Thanks for stopping by,

Tom & Marie